SELF! women's reentry, providing all the tools for a successful reentry.

Women's Re-entry Program


Meet Our Founder


Brenda has been working in the Facilities field for 10 years. She has managed multiple sites and supervised over 50 employees at a time. The last 4 years she has been the Site Manager at a major pharmaceutical company in Ft. Washington, PA where she is responsible for over 35 employees. Her exceptional work ethics and full knowledge in her field has brought her one of her proudest achievement which was the opening of a major hotel chain in Downtown Bethlehem.

Brenda’s tenacity, dedication and humble spirit has led her to overcome huge adversity. Her vision of a bright future has taken over the trials of her past in which she spent 10 years in prison. With such record attached to her name employment opportunities were scares. Constantly experiencing terminations, humiliations and discrimination. But as a single mother giving up was not an option. 

One employer provided a road map for Brenda to work her way to the top. She was placed on a management role and worked tirelessly to make sure that the opportunity was immaculately served.

Such lessons inspired her to start a non-profit corporation called SELF!

 SELF! Is a comprehensive program for women coming home from prison. One of its elements is to coach the individual to effectively integrate into society by becoming a viable member of their community.

Brenda is the success outcome of the program, proving the Impossible, is Possible. She has redefined the term Re-Entry by being the example of completing the journey of SELF!

Brenda's Statement

"I believe this program will provide a unique one-stop shop for women seeking to successfully reenter into society. I’m living proof that all you need are the resources and that ONE person to believe in you in order to live a successful life. Allow me the opportunity to be that ONE person to help you reintegrate into our community".